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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

Art Week!

The Lost Words

This week, Paddox School have had an Art Week, focusing on the book 'The Lost Words'. Year Six were focusing on three words from this book: adder, bluebell and raven. 

For the adder, children were learning how to crosshatch in pencil, and then design a background (focusing on the themes in the illustrators own work). The children produced some spectacular pieces of art work and they look brilliant.

Later in the week, the children focused on the word 'bluebell'. To create a captivating piece of art, the children used pointillism to recreate a a picture on a giant scale. Each child was given a section of the picture to recreate and we then put them together to create a giant masterpiece! 

Finally, the children had a go at creating a piece of art inspired by the word 'raven'. The children were taught how to use oil pastels to effectively create a bold background and a dark raven. 

Overall, the children (and adults) had a great week exploring art and everybody got stuck in!