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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

Re-vamped Quad

Barclays Bank re-vamp our quad and leave it looking so much better!

Mrs Haywood and Eco-Council have been working hard to re-design our quad area and this resulted in a proposition being sent out to Barclays Bank volunteers, who came out yesterday and spent the day turning Eco-Council's plans into reality.

15 volunteers arrived and in lovely sunshine they cut back plants, removed grass areas and moss, painted our existing furniture as well as adding new benches and plants to create a much more user friendly space.

A big thank you to the team from Barclays and to Mrs Haywood who took this project on and provided much needed tea and coffee for our volunteers.

We just have the pond to really sort out now and the area will be completely re-invigorated for use by the children and staff.