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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

Tying Ourselves Up in Knots

So often in junior den-making you see  evidence of this maxim: if you don't know a knot, tie a lot. Well, that's all in the past...

Tying shoelaces. Mooring canal boats. Indoor wall climbing. We thought about the jobs knots do in everyday life, how rope is made (and how the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings made theirs), and set to work learning specific knots for particular jobs.

The reef knot. Timber hitch. Clove hitch (two different methods). Followed by a challenge to use all three to create a tightrope for a squirrel.

For the Year 6s, learning the ropes with Mrs Huggett, the Rescue Challenge: using the square lashing to create a functioning stretcher. As the photo shows: mission accomplished.

If you'd like to practise your knot-tying, Grog's Animated Knots website has some excellent photo instructions.