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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

Taking Flight

Gravity-defying antics prove to be a breath of fresh air for Year 2.

To link in with Year 2's Discover topic on the history of Flight, Year 2 Forest Schoolers have been stomping around outdoors, launching rockets, predicting where they'll land and generally getting a kinaesthetic feel for angles and pneumatic forces.

They've experimented with plank-and-log see-saws and splatapults, explored the design features of birds (feet and beak adaptations) and used an outdoor card-and-charcoal Carroll chart to organise information about animals that can and can't fly.

If you get a spare moment, ask them to teach you how to play our new version of Food Chain Rock-Paper-Scissors. Last year it was all a bit North American (Bear-Salmon-Mosquito) but this year we're embedding British values by focusing on native freshwater wildlife. We call it: Osprey-Pike-Crayfish.

There's a personal connection here, too: Ospreys have been successfully re-introduced at Rutland Water, not far from where I grew up in Leicestershire; I remember a time when Pike was in the freezer and there was a bounty on their heads at Charnwood Water (an old brick quarry at the back of my childhood home); and legend has it that my father was nipped on the knee by a Crayfish.

I've attached the cards so you can try it at home. Or why not create your own version?