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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

We All Stand Together

A sign of spring, to be sure: but not quite where we'd expect it.

Last week's heavy rains may have confused a certain female frog into thinking that the playing field was a pond. Why else would we find frog spawn on a stake in the middle of the grass? Our mud-pit, maybe, but this wasn't even close. Some children thought it was forward thinking by the frog, who knew full well that we'd take care of the eggs and provide them with a luxury artificial pond-hotel, complete with ramps, zipwires and a silver birch throne.  

Whatever the real reason for the curious location, we were happy to stop and take the opportunity to learn about the frog's life cycle, modelling the different stages with clay and talking about what the egg-tadpole-froglet-frog's habitat needed for each episode of its amazing development.