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Paddox Primary School

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Mr Clements' Mystery Minibeast of the Week (1)

There's always something interesting to spot on the Forest School site. Can you help solve this miniature mystery?

On any given day we might come across something new, which is one of many things that makes Forest School such good fun. Yesterday a few of us spotted this insect crawling along a log. This is the photograph I managed to take before it scuttled underneath. About 3cm in length, I had to look it up in my insect book to find out what it was (although, it's all so obvious when you find out what it's called.)

So, what do you think it is? How many legs does it have? What other animals have a similar body shape? Do the colours and patterns remind of another insect?

Write your answers on a small piece of paper and post it in one of the Forest School questions boxes. Or just tell me in person!

If you're still stuck, it's one of the insects included on the Wildlife Trusts' Species Explorer website.