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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

Mystery Minibeast of the Week (2)

Your chance to identify this week's surprise visitor to the knot-tying workshop.

Jana spotted this mystery minibeast on the footpath. Because she knows the Forest School guidelines so well, she made sure she looked after living things and rescued the creature from near-certain squashing.

Since one key element of Forest School is that it promotes independent learning, we certainly made time to stop and explore, recognising Luna's defence posture (for Luna is what Jana named him/her) and trying to identify her using the Butterfly Caterpillar guide.


But there was no clear match there. Could it be that Luna is, in fact, a caterpillar that will turn into a moth rather than a butterfly? Might the clue to its identify be found here, in this online guide? Or here?

Let us know what you think it is!