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Year 6 Blog

Year 6 Blog

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  • Investigating Light

    Published 14/11/18

    How does light travel?

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  • Greek Murder Mystery

    Published 24/10/18

    Who killed Agathon? 

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  • Greek Myths!

    Published 10/10/18

    We have been creating our own Greek Myths! 

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  • Theseus and the Minotaur

    Published 26/09/18

    Becoming Reporters!

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  • Welcome to Year Six!

    Published 12/09/18

    Groovy Greeks!

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  • Marle Hall Day Four - the final activities!

    Published 24/05/18

    We completed our final activities today!

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  • Marle Hall Day Three - Wet and Wild Wednesday!

    Published 23/05/18

    Another fun-filled day in the Welsh wilderness!

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  • Marle Hall Day Two - the activities begin!

    Published 22/05/18

    A day when we discovered something new!

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  • Marle Hall Day One - settling in!

    Published 21/05/18

    A day of working out where everything is!

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  • SATs... and relax!

    Published 18/05/18

    Please enter an introduction for your blog post here.

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