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Year 4 Blog

Year 4 Blog

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  • Welcome Back

    Published 10/09/18

    The children have settled in well to Year 4 and are looking forward to reading our text. There were some interesting predictions today!

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  • Beetle-mania

    Published 05/07/18

    Beetle-mania struck Year 4 today when M G Leonard visited our school! Not only did we hear about what inspired Maya to write Beetle Boy, but we also learnt some cool beetle facts. The children were especially interested in dung beetles!

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  • Interclass Competition

    Published 26/06/18

    Our classrooms were full of excitement last week as the children all prepared for our inter-class competition! Well done to the two children that won from each class. They are now preparing for Friday's ultimate year group battle!

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  • Maths with Wasps. 🐝

    Published 20/06/18

    Year 4 are learning Maths with Wasps. 🐝Active learning! 😁

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  • RAGM

    Published 12/06/18

    Our visit to the RAGM was fantastic. Not only did we get to hold artefacts and make clay tiles, we also dressed up as Romans!

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  • Wow!

    Published 07/06/18

    Wow! We have been really impressed with the home learning that the children have produced.

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  • St John's Museum

    Published 22/05/18

    St John's Museum was a fantastic day out that gave the children some authentic Victorian experiences. Here they are experiencing a Victorian school.

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  • Victorian Families

    Published 17/05/18

    Our Victorian families enjoyed visiting our class and telling us about their lives and jobs durinng this period.

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  • Victorian Walk

    Published 09/05/18

    The sun was certainly shining for our Victorian walk around Rugby. The children learnt about how our town has been influenced by this period in history. Unfortunately the old workhouse was closed so we couldn't leave any of the children there! 😁

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  • Queen Victoria!

    Published 02/05/18

    Here we are learning more about Queen Victoria! We were looking at how subheadings are used in a non-chronological report.

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