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Year 5 Blog

Year 5 Blog

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  • Poles Apart

    Published 10/04/19

    Wednesday 10th  April

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  • Intra-Sport

    Published 04/04/19

    Thursday 4th April

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  • Author Visit

    Published 02/04/19

    Tuesday 2nd April

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  • Art week!

    Published 06/12/18

    6th December 2018

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  • The Silver Donkey

    Published 22/11/18

    22 November 2018

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  • A great start to the year.

    Published 13/09/18

    13 September 2018

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  • Year 5 ate my homework!

    Published 15/02/18

    I don't know which is more believable - a dog or year 5 eating your homework? But in the latter case it's true - Year 5 really did eat Amber, Charlotte and Alexander's homework!

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  • Forest School

    Published 08/02/18

    It was meant to be warm!! Forest School in February wasn't supposed to be this cold! Kirsty came in wearing 15 layers - she could barely walk (it was quite funny!). 

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  • Mirror, Mirror!

    Published 01/02/18

    This week we were lucky to have some volunteers come and set up different activities based on our REACH value - encourage.

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  • Eat, Sleep, Measure, Repeat!

    Published 25/01/18

    Evaporation, condensation, dissolving - we love a multi-syllabic word in Year 5 - we use them just to show how clever we are! In Explore, we have been learning about developed and developing countries, comparing North and South America, and in Science we learned about the lengths some people in developing countries go to to get clean water. We will be investigating the best way to filter dirty water to get clean water next week. 

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