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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

FOPS (Friends of Paddox School)

About FOPS

The Friends Of Paddox School (FOPS for short) are the Paddox Primary P.T.A. We are a group of mums, dads and teachers who work together to organise social and fundraising events throughout the year.  We aim to put on fun events for children and parents whilst also raising money for the school.  FOPS also provides an opportunity to meet other parents who are able to give a bit of their time to helping their children's school.

All parents are automatically members of the P.T.A., and we always welcome new parents to join in. Any help you can give will be appreciated. Please see the school calendar online, or the school newsletter for upcoming events and meetings.

The money we raise goes towards making our children’s time at the school that much more enriching. Big things and small, they all make a difference. In the last year we've provided:
A Science dome:- £1,570
Early Years Foundation Stage learning sheds:- £2,469
6 air conditioning units:-       £2,388
Coach travel on school trips:- £1,500
We have been set the challenge of fundraising for a Biodome. A biodome is a form of controlled, self-sufficient eco-system that closely replicates the natural outdoor environment. It creates its own water and nutrients, and survives without any help from the outside.
This would enable children to grow their own food and hopefully in time provide our school kitchen with some produce. It would provide an invaluable ongoing learning opportunity.
To achieve this we need to raise an ambitious sum of money, so in the first instance we are looking to raise £12,000. FOPS have already started to plan fundraising events, which we are sure you will support as you always do. However we are aware that many parents would like to be more involved with fundraising but aren't always free to offer help at these events. With this in mind, we encourage all of you take this opportunity to come up with ideas and work with your friends to raise money towards the target. This could be through sponsorship, creating something to sell, ticketed events, sports activities or anything else you may come up with.
If you have a fundraising idea that you and your friends would like to run, please contact us on so the school can send you more information.
As of March 2019, the biodome thermometer stood at a very impressive £10,271.38!
All the money is a product of your help and generosity. So thank you all! This is what we've raised recently:
The Summer fayre:-£1162
July Mini Military Mud Run:- £145
Bags2school in October:- £526
Autumn disco:- £344.22
The Christmas Fayre:- £499.28
The Hogwarts Experience:- 385.88
If you have any thoughts or ideas about FOPs activities, please send them over. You can email us anytime at, or you're very welcome to come along to our meetings. They're held monthly, usually at 7 o'clock on a Monday. The date for the next one is on the  School Calendar webpage, in the News & Letters section.