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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School


In Geography at Paddox, we stimulate our children’s curiosity and their inquisitive nature about the world’s people, places and environment and how these interact with each other.

Through fieldwork, research, real-life case studies and map skills, Geography lessons dive into a variety of topics which aim to provide the children with an awareness of what it means to have a sustainable society alongside developing their locational understanding. This wealth of geographical experiences enables the children to make deep, meaningful connections between themselves, others and the world enabling the children to ‘Learn more...Remember more’.

Our aim is to ensure that each child develops their geographical skills through exploring different locations, both locally and globally, as well as appreciating the cause and impact of human activities. Geography lessons capture our school REACH values and require the children to work hard, achieve to the best of their ability and respect others and the environment.