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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School


At Paddox we want children to have a full exposure of the different periods of History. Throughout the primary phase, the children are exposed to the different periods through a topic approach. The History focused topics across the school are mainly taught in chronological order. As a school we decided that some of the content was not suitable to be taught lower down the school or that periods of History naturally linked with a topic (Crime and Punishment through the ages and the Mayans are Y5 topics and The Great Fire of London provides Y1 with a comparative study between Rugby and London. All Historical based topics start with a chronologically based lesson. This enables the children to understand different time periods of History and allows them to ‘plot’ on a timeline, where their new topics fit. Children are given the opportunity within these chronology lesson, to recap the time periods they have already studies to build up their long term memory.