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Paddox Primary School

PaddoxPrimary School

Staff List 2018-19

Name Role
Mrs J Le Poidevin Headteacher/ Safeguarding Lead/Student Leadership/Well being Lead
Mr J Bulloch

Deputy Headteacher / Pupil Premium/  Deputy DSL / T & L/Volunteers

Miss G Kettle SENDCo / Personal Development/Behaviour and Welfare inc. medical
Mrs R Davies

Teacher/Forest School

Miss D Texeira Teacher - Reception / Assistant Head Teacher EYFS , EAL, TA Workforce Review Lead
Mr J Baldwin Teacher - Reception /Computing/ICT /Deputy Safeguarding Lead/Deputy Lead Maths KS2
Miss S Merrick Teacher - Reception/PSHE/Well Being Committee/Deputy Lead for Maths EYFS and KS1
Mrs T Maxey

Teacher - Year 1 /PP Champion

Miss O'Brien Teacher - Year 1
Miss S Tailor Teacher Year 1/MFL/International Schools
Mrs A Makings Teacher - Year 2 Support/Music
Miss H Mabey Teacher -Year /NQT Cover
Mrs B Eagles Teacher - Year 2 / RE
Mrs J Bartlett Teacher-Year 2/EVC Co-0rdinator/Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Mr Patel Teacher - Year 2 / Literacy Leader TLR/ ACE-Pedagogy, Student Mentor & Curriculum
Miss L Stock Teacher - Year 2 / Geography Lead
Miss J Brandon Year 3 Teacher/MFL Lead (KS2)
Miss L Boucher Teacher - Year 3 / Science Leader TLR/ACE Assessment
Miss A Merrick Year 3 Teacher/Deputy Literacy Lead/Arts Lead/Arts Council
Miss G Key Teacher - Year 4
Mrs J Unwin Teacher - Year 4/ DT and Food Technology
Mrs S Ayris Teacher Year 4/DT and Food Technology/School Council
Miss Heathfield Teacher - Year 5 / Assistant Head Teacher KS2 Land and Line manager/ Attendance/ACE Leader/Outcomes
Mrs G Tilley

Teacher - Year 5

Mrs C Pearson Teacher - Year 6 / KS2 Maths Leader TLR/Play Leaders/Prefects/ACE -Student and Family Support/Student Leadership
Miss K McLaughlan Teacher - Year 6 / Deptuy Science Lead/History Lead/NQT Co-ordinator
Miss K Oldroyd

Teacher -Yr 6/Art Lead/Arts Council

Mrs G Knight PE Lead/Sports Council/Sports Leaders
Miss A Allsop    

Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Atwal

Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Bayliss

Teaching Assistant

Mrs N Jones

Teaching Assistant

Miss G Mills

Higher Level Teaching Assistant/ Displays and resources/Well Being

Mrs S Wakelin      

Teaching Assistant/Nurture

Mrs K Smith

Teaching Assistant

Miss L King

Teaching Assistant

Mrs A McBain                      

Teaching Assistant/Food Technology HLTA/TA Work Force Review/ICT Support

Mrs S Hamill          

Teaching Assistant/Nurture

Mrs S Huggett                      

Forest School Leader/TA

Mrs M Hirons

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Burbury

Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Parker

Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Taylor

Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Wright                        

Higher Level Teaching Assistant/Learning outside the classroom inc.Forest School/TA Work Force Review/Well Being

Mrs T Bourne                       

Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Day

Higher Level Teaching Assistant/Pupil Premium Interventions/Well Being

Mrs G Fatania   

Teaching Assistant/Learning Mentor

Mrs K Humphries

Teaching Assistant

Miss S Daniel Teaching Assistant
Miss M Clarke TA Apprentice
Mr A Print Sport Technician
Mrs J Collins Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Butlin Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Clarke Pastoral Support Manager / Deputy DSL
Mrs S Aldridge

School Business Manager / Healthy Schools/Healthy Living Council/MDS and kitchen staff/premises staff

Mrs A Randall

Senior Administrator/Website

Mrs K Townsend Administrator
Ms T Thomas Administrator
Mrs G Johnston Senior Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Chakrabarty Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss R Castle Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs T Bourne Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Rainbow Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss M Clarke Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms J Riley Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs K Revell Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Passey Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss S Lee Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs A Wenlock Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs V Wakelin Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs W Hilton Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs T Thomas Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs C Hariga

Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs H  Farrow Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs N Hopkins Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J Baynon Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J Crick Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J Ferdos Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J Crick Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss C London Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs A Thilagarajan Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs  K Khan Lunchtime Supervisor
Mr M Rouse Caretaker/Health and Safety/Risk Assessments/Site Maintenance
Miss A Smith Cleaner

Mrs A Bloxham

Mrs C Hariga Cleaner
Miss S Lee Cleaner
Mrs A Gordon Cleaner
Mrs L Parker Cleaner
Mrs H Farrow Cleaner
Mrs S Lepianka Cleaner